Myths live amongst everyday life

Dispatches from the Typhoon Coast

A volcanic eruption releasing smoke.

Author pens exciting adventure based on true life experience

Journalist Diane Clayton wrote,”Many people retire after spending a lifetime of intense and dangerous work and happily walk into the sunset, content to spend their days relaxing with a fishing pole or tending to their garden. Moraga’s Mark Clifford is…

An aerial view of a green coastal valley with hills and trees during a typhoon.

Corporal Kevin Mooney: End of watch August 21st, 2021

August 29th will be a “Morning of Remembrance” to honor Moraga Police Corporal Kevin Mooney, who died of COVID-19 on August 21st, 2021. On Aug. 29th members of our community will gather at SiSi Caffe where Kevin was a familiar…

A group of USMC men posing for a photo on the Typhoon Coast.

So Many Great Talks Happen at the Breakfast Table

Anthony McShane slid his black socks up to where his baby blue robe began. He sprung up, then plucked two burnt slices of white bread from the toaster. “Here you go, son.” Anthony scooted his chair as close to Trent…

A group of Marines in a classroom at Typhoon Coast.

August 31st: A National Day of Remembrance

America, your veterans would like to make a proposal: Make August 31st a “National Day of Remembrance” for those who served in Afghanistan Why should America unfurl Old Glory on August 31st? Well, travel through time with me. I was…

The Fuck It Bucket

The Fuck-It Bucket: Eddy vs. The Volcano

Eddy and I slip away to San Juliana on a tassel-strewn, shiny red jeepney to meet my girl and her friends. The platoon calls Eddy Torres “E.T.” Eddy prefers just “E” – he doesn’t share movie E.T.’s desire to go…

A fictitious city near the ocean is captured from an aerial perspective, featuring elements of history and law enforcement.

In the Outside Land: Sons of the Desert Edition

Like I did, Trent spends much of his childhood racing around on his bike from one fascinating place to another. I also wondered if, like me, he was lulled to sleep by the roar of lions at the zoo, pounding…