The Mark R. Clifford Podcast

Heroes for Hope

America is in a mental health crisis. Veterans and first responders don’t corner the market on trauma. Fortunately, their stories have wisdom that can help the people they serve and protect make sense of their own struggles.

Dive deep with author, Marine Corps Veteran, and retired police sergeant Mark R. Clifford into the stories and healthy habits of survivors who turn trauma into superpower.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Heroes for Hope: Heroes vs. AI
The rise of artificial intelligence is drastically changing the world we live in. For first responders on the frontlines, adapting to new AI technologies presents both opportunities and challenges.
Financial Intelligence Interview
From battlefield to police beat: 'Typhoon Coast' unveils an all-American hero's transformation through war's trials, personal healing, and post-traumatic growth.
Heroes for Hope: Hope in Dark Times
"The Guardian of The Golden Gate" Kevin Briggs, featured on Heroes For Hope, is credited with saving over 200 lives from suicide attempts at the Golden Gate Bridge.
Heroes for Hope: A Man Unbroken
In the bloodied darkness Sergeant Scott Fraser momentarily mistakes a hail of bullets for bees swarming his Marines. Hear how he found hope and healing through his guitar.
Heroes For Hope : Surviving Grief
Millions of Americans are grieving at this moment. Mike Bernhardt lost his wife 31 years ago. Hear how he channels grief to rally the art community during America’s COVID crucible. Together we discover what grief is a bridge to.
Heroes for Hope: Taken in Ukraine
The incredible and inspiring story of an American POW held by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Follow the struggles and triumphs of a brave volunteer soldier who refused to give up.