Heroes for Hope: Struggle Well

Trauma does not go away. Marine Corps veteran Chris Murphy endured six combat deployments in three separate theaters. Hear his powerful rise to Thriving.

Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) is a method of managing stress that focuses on personal growth after experiencing traumatic events. Unlike other treatments that aim solely at managing the symptoms of stress, Post-Traumatic Growth helps survivors find new purpose in life.

Battlefield traumas brought Chris to his knees, and he felt like he might drown in the depths of despair, PTG help him to his feet. Like a seed in the ground grows, he pushed his way towards a life-giving embrace, and discovered a newfound grace. PTG practices showed him a new life: One that’s stronger, wiser, and kinder. Post Traumatic Growth guided Chris towards a brighter, better view. Find out where you can find help too.

Chris Murphy’s story has a wisdom that can change the cultural landscape by helping people make sense of their own struggles.  Every episode of “Heroes For Hope: Thriving Beyond Trauma,” survivors tell stories that bridge the culture gap and create a shared perspective. It’s my hope HFH will break the cycle of America’s catastrophic thinking.

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