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Mark was recently featured as a guest on the popular Tango Alpha Lima podcast hosted by Jeff Daly and Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado. During the lighthearted interview, Mark discussed his novel The Typhoon Coast which fictionalizes his harrowing experience surviving the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo as a young Marine Corps Staff Sergeant in the Philippines.

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Mark commented, “After being trapped for two days in complete darkness and silence, buried in ash and believing we would die, I knew this was a powerful story that I had to share”.

He also spoke about his mission to encourage fellow veterans and first responders to embrace creativity and share their own stories, whether through writing books and blogs or producing podcasts. Mark highlighted his podcast Heroes for Hope where he explores veterans’ journeys toward post-traumatic growth and recovery.

Mark credited programs like Zac Brown’s Camp Southern Ground with teaching him mindfulness practices to transform trauma into personal growth. He encouraged other veterans struggling with the transition to civilian life to take advantage of the camp’s free personal development courses.

Throughout the humorous interview, Mark emphasized the healing power of camaraderie and embracing creativity. “Telling my story fictionally was a journey of self-discovery,” he said. “Life is a treasure hunt – seek and you will find.”

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