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Dispatches from the Typhoon Coast

The historical fiction town of Runwood, located on the Typhoon Coast in California.

Brentwood Literary Stroll 2023

Mark will be a featured author at the Brentwood Literary Stroll, May 7, 2023.Hear Mark’s story behind his epic treasure hunt adventure “Typhoon Coast”. He’ll share a glimpse into book two “Earthquake Coast.” Mark also looks forward to answering questions…

A historical fiction novel featuring a man holding a blue and yellow flag in front of smoke.

Heroes for Hope: Taken in Ukraine

An American Prisoner of War’s Ordeal. The incredible and inspiring story of an American POW held by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Follow the struggles and triumphs of a brave volunteer soldier who refused to give up despite impossible odds. Listen…

A USMC soldier is being rescued from a flooded historical fiction area along the typhoon coast.

Heroes for Hope: Vets in Action

Vets in Action is a deep dive into a veteran who follows his passion to help victims of disasters.Our Motto is : Thrive On Vets in Action is a deep dive into a veteran who follows his passion to help…

An image of a firefighter in historical fiction speaking on the phone.

Heroes For Hope: Rising Beyond The Ashes Thriving Beyond 9/11

Our guest Eric “Rock” Ramos was the FIRST documented responder at Ground Zero. Standing in horror, Rock radioed-in Flight 11 striking 1 World Trade Center. Listen to his incredible survival ordeal that still haunts his days. This is his story…

An image of a historical street scene with cars and people.

Heroes for Hope: Las Vegas Mass Shooting Survivor Tells his Story

October 1, 2017 was a day that changed the lives forever for those who were in attendance of the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip. From the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel a gunman opened…

A historical fiction painting featuring a police officer and firefighter by Mark R. Clifford.

Heroes for Hope: Heroes vs our new A.I. Overloads

Deep dive into stories and healthy practices of survivors and turn trauma into superpowers. Join author, US Marine Corps veteran, and retired Police Sergeant Mark R. Clifford at “Doc’s Boneyard Heroes for Hope” audio podcast on Spotify. Join Mark and…