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From battlefield to police beat: ‘Typhoon Coast’ unveils an all-American hero’s transformation through war’s trials, personal healing, and post-traumatic growth.

What’s Really Happening: Guinea Pigs and Pop Tarts

A t-rex is sitting at a desk in a classroom, surrounded by Guinea Pigs.

This podcast features a conversation with Mark Clifford, who shares his experiences and insights on various topics, including personal growth, coping with trauma, and the importance of mental health. Clifford recounts his harrowing experience in 1991 when he was a young Marine staff sergeant during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. He describes […]

Tango Alpha Lima: American Legion Podcast

Tango Alpha Lima: American Legion Podcast featuring a man in sunglasses.

Mark was recently featured as a guest on the popular Tango Alpha Lima podcast hosted by Jeff Daly and Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado. During the lighthearted interview, Mark discussed his novel The Typhoon Coast which fictionalizes his harrowing experience surviving the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo as a young Marine Corps Staff Sergeant in the Philippines. Mark […]

Heroes for Hope: Struggle Well

In a gripping historical fiction, a man finds himself before a fire on the typhoon coast.

Trauma does not go away. Marine Corps veteran Chris Murphy endured six combat deployments in three separate theaters. Hear his powerful rise to Thriving. Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) is a method of managing stress that focuses on personal growth after experiencing traumatic events. Unlike other treatments that aim solely at managing the symptoms of stress, Post-Traumatic Growth […]

Heroes for Hope: Hope in Dark Times

A historical fiction novel featuring a winged police officer guarding a bridge.

Heroes For Hope’s Mental Health Awareness Month’s episode features Kevin Briggs, ” The Guardian of The Golden Gate.” Kevin is credited with saving over 200 hundred souls bent on leaping to their deaths from the Golden Gate Bridge. Our Motto is : Thrive On Heroes for Hope: Hope in Dark Times

Heroes for Hope: A Man Unbroken

A soldier playing a guitar in the desert during a historical typhoon.

In the bloodied darkness Sergeant Scott Fraser momentarily mistakes a hail of bullets for bees swarming his Marines. Hear how he found hope and healing through his guitar. Our Motto is : THRIVE ON Heroes for Hope: A Man Unbroken

Heroes For Hope : Surviving Grief

A woman with an American flag wrapped around her head, potentially referencing patriotism or affiliation with the USMC.

Millions of Americans are grieving at this moment. Mike Bernhardt lost his wife 31 years ago. Hear how he channels grief to rally the art community during America’s COVID crucible. Together we discover what grief is a bridge to.

Heroes for Hope: Taken in Ukraine

A historical fiction novel featuring a man holding a blue and yellow flag in front of smoke.

An American Prisoner of War’s Ordeal. The incredible and inspiring story of an American POW held by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Follow the struggles and triumphs of a brave volunteer soldier who refused to give up despite impossible odds. Listen to this powerful interview and hear the story from the man who experienced this harrowing […]

Heroes for Hope: Vets in Action

A USMC soldier is being rescued from a flooded historical fiction area along the typhoon coast.

Vets in Action is a deep dive into a veteran who follows his passion to help victims of disasters.Our Motto is : Thrive On Vets in Action is a deep dive into a veteran who follows his passion to help victims of disasters. Our Motto is : Thrive On Episode 1: Heroes versus AI

Heroes For Hope: Rising Beyond The Ashes Thriving Beyond 9/11

An image of a firefighter in historical fiction speaking on the phone.

Our guest Eric “Rock” Ramos was the FIRST documented responder at Ground Zero. Standing in horror, Rock radioed-in Flight 11 striking 1 World Trade Center. Listen to his incredible survival ordeal that still haunts his days. This is his story of Thriving ON! Everyone there that day has a story that needs to be told […]