The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go

The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go 1
The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go 3

Who remembers watching the Batman TV series in the 60’s?

Batman and Robin certainly knew how to model the humanitarian nature of bringing order to Gotham City. They were the quintessential beat officers armed with everything needed to de-escalate any deadly situation with Batman’s trusty utility belt. Their dialogue was priceless, with classic banter like “Even crime fighters must eat.”

But Bat Masterson, the handsome well-dressed man who brought evildoers to justice in Dodge City, was actually my crime fighting inspiration as any fan of The Typhoon Coast would tell you.

The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go 2
The Bat Cave: A doxxing we will go 4

Riddle me this Batman

Can you imagine a world where the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler actually knew where Batman lives? That’s what the average cop is facing today.

Law enforcement is a dangerous profession, and the risk level increases when criminals can find where the Bat Cave is on many websites, as well as information on where the Dynamic Duo’s spouse shops or where their kids go to school.

In this “Dispatches from The Typhoon Coast,” I team-up with author, entrepreneur, and friend Ron Zayas on his recent webinar for some cop-talk and chat about steps police officers can take to make it more difficult for evildoers to find their personal information. Ron also plugs my book, The Typhoon Coast!

WATCH: Police Identity Protection Webinar

Police Protection Seminar courtesy of 360Civic

Ron invites me behind the mic around the nine-minute mark.  I talk a bit about my last epic few hours on the streets when chaos was king. Ron goes into detail on the laws that allow our heroes to request the removal of their personal information. This can be a time-consuming process, and one that must be conducted regularly. 360Civic provides details on its online security monitoring service, which provides removal services for the people who protect us.

This dispatch is a MUST SHARE with law enforcement professionals.

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