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I learned something very important about storytelling as a young cop. It wasn’t that I couldn’t tell a dramatic story, but I’d lose my audience at the second body in a multiple homicide scene. I discovered that the subject matter was just far too remote for a reasonable person to grasp. Before long I tried telling my story about being buried alive in quaking cataclysmic volcanic eruption while a typhoon raged outside—An actual apocalypse that blackened out the sun. Again, I’d watch sets of worried eyes bobbing along a swirling, seething mass of tragedy that I was painting their void with.

The chapters within TYPHOON COAST are true to history—though bent a bit to weather the varied roads reader’s travel on a treasure hunt that captures the imagination! Maybe it is our love for adventure or our passion for solving puzzles. Perhaps it’s just the excitement of knowing that there is something out there waiting to be discovered.

Now, grab a shovel! I sign copies of my book TYPHOON COAST with “Life is a treasure hunt; seek, and you will find.” I placed a golden ticket for $1,000 in a golden case and buried it arms reach. Seekers will find clues to locating the treasure in the pages of TYPHOON COAST. The epic adventure that spans generation contains seven poems, ditties, and riddles. Don’t hesitate. Get your compass orientated. Find the verses that put your boots on the ground in The City by the Bay:

Memories of the Typhoon Coast

The turbulent South China Sea sculpts glass.

Typhoons churn the wayward shards of red, brown, blue, purple, and green.

 Japanese fishing floats beneath the limitless sea,

Thousands of islands, vast coastlines, and volcanic belt, and ships journeying about the watery world.

The odyssey ends as North American Sea Glass Association’s gems,

Tumbling onto Bean Hollow Beach like dreams in summer surf.

Women and children flock from San Francisco to spend sunny hours hunting for the shattered, prized pieces.

Men wait at their long fishing poles.

All love the Pacific fury, flashing on rocks beyond the cove, slapping over tide pools,

A sandy place up the creek at the hollow, cutting brushy hills,

And the cypress ceiling over the Great Highway.

Such a wonderful rest.

Mother to Son

I love books

They love me too

Three titles will call from their shelves to YOU

Search with your eyes down to the soles of your shoes

The shelves will tell your story to YOU

Liberty Toast

We drink their beers

And it’s warm as piss.

But if your dad did this,

You may be drinking

with your sis.

Diamond of Pinatubo’s Sea Ditty

God himself with trident stands,

Opens the sea, and spreads the sands,

And swallows you in the rocky shoal.

Man on the Run

Cannons shake seven-hilled splendor

At driving spray of roaring sea

Amusements for all

Jungle cries

Fog-dunes shift

At the end of the streets

Two Tycoon enchantments

Hold your breath

For now, you have no cares

Ballot of Eddie Thompson

Deep into the darkness, I gaze upon the sky, I think of a moment when I probably should have died.

I soar up high, through jungle mountains and ash-filled sky. I saw the world below me, and someone I thought I knew, yet couldn’t see.

Hold tight, feel your heart beat. I shall take you closer. Don’t be frightened. I’ll protect you.

Golden Lily Poem

Moon sets under morning mist.

Jungle giants rise behind emerald hills.

Cave giants’ shadows reach across flowerbeds.

Cloud giants wag rice fields with a breeze.

Canopy giants reach with sunrays.The giants watch the flowers wake to sun; all but a lonesome one.

Short for its long stem.

Shy about thin leaves.

The giants sing, ‘Find courage, little flower.

This is your day.

Don’t be afraid to open.

Your bright bravery makes you most graceful.

You can turn to us for strength.

We will look to you for inspiration.

You are the Golden Lily.

So, where is the Typhoon Coast? The Typhoon Coast is the world’s most monstrous triangle. Fix your eyes on the apex located in the middle the Devil’s Sea. Follow the legs over 7,000 miles to California’s coastline. The north vertex is San Francisco. The south vertex is Hearst Castle, San Simeon. I knew precisely where to hide the treasure. A seeker will unearth the prize by deciphering: 1-14-28.

Tune in to “Dispatches from Typhoon Coast” for updates…

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